Deep Tissue Massage

-Strokes are very slow moving
-Minimal or no lubricant
-Focus on fascial release
-Also known as structural bodywork

Some therapists specialize in deep tissue, which also has a variety of brand names which correspond with trademarked schools and seminars. Myo-fascial release, neuro-muscular technique, and trigger point therapy each represent variations on deep tissue. Most massage therapists build a repertoire of deep tissue techniques throughout their career in bodywork. In comparison to swedish, it takes longer to develop proficiency with deep tissue modalities. For many clients requesting deep tissue, what they actually have in mind is a swedish with very firm pressure.

Structural bodywork was pioneered by Ida Rolph, Phd in the ‘40s and ‘50s and became widely known in the ‘70s. Rolfing has numerous spin-offs, and the techniques are now being taught
by Rolfers to massage therapists in programs that range from one day to two years.

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