Energy Healing

When people explore massage and bodywork, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Touch modalities have been around forever, all over the world. One consideration is pressure levels: strong, medium, light – and there’s a fourth category: no pressure, which could also be called sustained contact. Sustained contact with no pressure, or feather light touch, is obviously more subtle than massage or bodywork. Feather-light touch has more effect on the central nervous system, especially the brain, which functions in a medium of electro-magnetic pulsations.

The energy flow of the hands touching the head has an effect on brain-wave and neuro-logical activity. Feather-light touch anywhere on the body will effect the brain more directly than regular pressure levels of massage. Some energy modalites involve touching two different meridians at the same time. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) works extensively with theories based on principles of life force energy. TCM also has a lot of off-chutes techniques discovered by various healers. Here’s a summary of Jin Shin Jyutsu:

The hands are used as “jumper cables,” contacting 26 safety energy locks to redirect, or unblock the flow of energy along it’s pathways.

Energy Healing is mostly directed toward the human energy field, also known as the auric field. This also bridges into the concept of subtle bodies and also chakras. Fortunately, the techniques can be practiced without adhering to any belief systems. You do a process and observe the result. Some people notice striking benefits and some people do not notice benefits. Some of the techniques could be compared to meditation. In every case, it comes down to the cultivation of awareness within stillness.

Four million people have been instructed in Reiki over a period since 1970. It’s a classic technique of energy healing. It uses visualization of symbols and the idea that hands can transmit universal life force. Reiki can be combined with any activity. Prior to Reiki becoming known in the 70’s, an earlier example of energy healing in the west, was was Polarity Therapy, develop by ostopath Randolf Stone. This is a synthesis of eastern philosophy and alternative medicine. Keep in mind, there was no acupuncture school in the western hemisphere until 1970, in London, England. Modern medicine was relatively new, and ancient wisdom was largely suppressed. Most of these alternative healing arts are timeless, or go back more than 4,000 years. In recent decades, we’re seeing the scientific community more willing to validate the effectiveness of modalities which involves conceptual frameworks which cannot be proven or dis-proven.

Chicago Touch offers Energy Healing as one of its many types of massage. Call (312) 929-3083 for more details or to book a session.

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