Prenatal Massage

Stress reduction becomes more of a priority during pregnancy. In a 600-hr massage therapy program, it is common to devote 30 hours of class time to the particular needs of a pregnant client. We study the most common symptoms of pregnant women and how to adjust our massage technique accordingly. Each trimester has different protocols. By the third trimester,
the entire session is done side-lying, with props and pillows.

Women who normally get a massage once or twice per year find themselves coming in more often during pregnancy. On one level, it could for a specific complaint. On another level, it could have to do with increased awareness that mothering is all about taking care of others, and that whole dynamic starts with a willingness to also receive nurturing. This is sometimes refered to as “putting yourself into the equation.”

Late in the term, there’s a lot of pressure on internal organs from the expanding uterus. Most notable, is the compression toward the bottom of the spine. This includes the piriformis muscle.
Massage is particularly effective at addressing this, both directly and indirectly, through the reflex points on the legs. For more on low-back pain, please refer to our blog.

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