Sports Massage

There are three aspects to Sports Massage:

-Pre-event conditioning
-Post-event recovery
-Avoiding and overcoming sports-related injuries

The value of massage in relation to athletic activity is similar to the value of stretching. For that reason, a lot of massage therapy includes stretching. The difference with massage is the ability
to get specific, with a single muscle, or even a single point on a muscle. Massage techniques help your body clear neuro-muscular interference pattern, which inhibit strength. Test your strength, get a massage, test your strength again. Notice the difference. At minimum, your muscles should feel more willing to work. It’s often most noticeable with muscles that operate
operate the hip and knee joints.

Many sports require repetitive strain. After a strenuous event, we focus on the particular muscles that worked the hardest. The objective is to reduce the recovery time. Massage can assist your immune system with process of tissue repair.

Anything you can do to support optimal functioning in your body will lower your risk of a sports injury. Massage is just one example, and it ties in with the theme of proper rest. Some of our clients come in for sports massage to compensate for the lack of a daily stretching routine.
Bodywork is an effective way to increase range of motion.

Another aspect of sports massage pertains to the protocols for addressing injuries. For example, Ida Rolph discovered that lymph drainage applied to a sprain, immediately after the
accident, can reduce the healing time from several weeks, down to several days. When you
start talking about massage as medicine, then it shifts over to the domain of chiropractors, osteopaths, or naprapaths. They are doctors who are trained in manual manipulation. They can also diagnose the situation. By contrast, our role is entirely focused on reducing the stress associated with the injury, in the hopes of reducing the time it takes to your to heal itself.

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